Animal Portraits

You can now choose from any pet portrait for sale.  Or if you have a special fur baby you'd like to have painted, you can comission your own unique pet portrait.  Please contact me for details.


Choose from beautiful landscapes and flowers in different sizes and art mediums.  They are all framed and ready to go up on your wall


All abstracts are created with acrylics on canvas.  They are all sealed and framed, ready to go up on your wall

She is exquisite.
Full of light and detail,
She grows and she evolves.
She fills us with joy and horror.
In the heat of light and the cold of night, Nature is all around us and within us. Defining everything we are.

I have always been mesmerized by nature. Its beauty, its power, and it’s ability to transform our lives. I have tried in all my paintings to capture the light and the darkness. To recreate the essence of nature and all that it evokes in us.