My name is Diane Marie Serapiglia. I was born in Toronto, raised in Woodbridge and currently live in Newmarket. I am married and we have a beautiful son named Nathan who is the heart of our lives. I went to university and graduated with a specialized honours degree in Psychology and Human Resources but I have always had an interest in art.


From a young age I always crafted and created. I dabbled with drawing and sketching and crafts of all kinds, but never really found my passion. When I picked up my first paint brush a few years ago, I instantly fell in love with oil painting and the beautiful smoothness of the medium; How it glides across a canvas and can almost melt into the other colours. I watched other artists, read books on art and tried to learn their unique techniques. Slowly, I learned how to paint mountains, then skies, trees, rivers, eyes, feathers, fur.... And I developed my own unique style.   Then one day, after many attempts, I painted something that I loved and I knew I would paint for the rest of my life.